Song Writing and Performance Workshops



Each session starts with a review of the group understandings/rules which will be agreed upon in the first session and revised as necessary. Warm-up games/ice breakers follow.

The first session usually involves a group songwriting effort. In subsequent sessions participants work on their own individual project. Each participant has the opportunity to work one on one with Tom intensively on their song.

Participants help each other and work together. Tom helps participants brainstorm and create a narrative for their song. The process of putting a story into a song strengthens the idea that life is a story which changes all the time and which each of us have control over.


$50/hour for workshop (2 hours minimum)

Plus 2 hours preparation/song writing/editing for each session.

Total $200 per 2 hour workshop

Rates are negotiable depending on agreed outcomes and other variables.



Whoopee-Do Crew performances involve an introduction of each participant to the audience, a contextualising and explanation of their song and finally its performance. The Whoopee-Do Crew is unique as the performer sings their own song that they have written and speaks as part of the performance about their own experience in relation to it. Where their disability permits them from singing, other methods are found for them to participate in the performance and give their introduction to the song. Going through the whole process of writing, rehearsing and performing the song gives performers a strong sense of ownership which only further adds to the power of their performance.

Writing and performing songs is a powerful way to break down misconceptions about whose voices are valuable in the community. Gaining these experiences brings confidence which translates to all facets of life. Seeing marginalised people working together and visible in public spaces makes a powerful statement: The marginalised can have access to opportunities and their stories and experiences are valued. It strengthens the sense of connection for us all and that we are connected to our community.